Hot Spot

The style, innovation, quality and efficiency you’d expect from a Hot Spring collection, at a price that’ll suit any budget. The Hot Spot range of Hot Spring spa pools meld sleek design with an extensive list of features, from the functional to the fun.

Hydromassage that hits the spot

Each model in the Hot Spot range has been designed to offer an exquisite hydrotherapy experience. A range of purpose-built jets massage key areas of the body, offering relief and relaxation in equal measure. Enjoy the feeling of precision jets that target feet and calves, neck and shoulders and everywhere in between.

The Hot Spring Moto-Massage jet, exclusive to the SX and TX models, is the world’s first moving spa pool jet, sweeping a soothing stream of water up and down your spine. You can even customise your massage by adjusting the strength of the jets!

SilentFlo® Circulation, In-line Sanitation

Circulating water 24/7, but using less power than a 40-watt bulb, Hot Spring’s SilentFlo® system keeps water fresher for longer, while cutting energy costs.

The Hot Spot collection will also see you waving goodbye to never-ending spa maintenance and chemical handling. The bromine-based FROG® system instead uses a replaceable cartridge that integrates into the shell, keeping your water fresh and clean for months. Add in the optional FreshWater® III Ozone System, and you’ll enjoy the most luxurious spa water you’ve ever felt!

Design meets value

Beauty needn’t cost the earth. Featuring minimalist panelling in a range of textures, contoured shells in a range of colours, exterior LED lighting, modern metallic corners, and a wealth of other distinctive design details, the Hot Spot collection is the most functional and cost-effective of backyard features. The cabinets, each with subtle embossing, offer a natural material look without the durability drawbacks. You can also create a look that matches your space from a wide range of colours and textures.

Cheap spas end up costing more money in the long run, whether from breaking down early or increasing power bills due to inefficiency. The Hot Spot collection manages to walk the line between high-end quality and market-leading value. This is a surprisingly cost-effective spa that will last for years, and that will look and feel good doing it. A Hot Spot spa isn’t a cost, but an investment – one in your home, your family and yourself.