The height of spa pool indulgence

The highlife is now within reach. Developed over 40 years, Hot Spring Spas’ Highlife® Collection represents the height of spa pool indulgence. A wealth of innovative technology and exclusive features make these amongst the finest spa pools in the world – the type not built to meet expectations, but exceed them.

Elegant exterior, intelligent interior

Great design enhances its surroundings. Each Highlife model is built with aesthetics front of mind. These visually stunning machines look as good idle as they do in use. Six different finishes feature tones and textures inspired by wood, stone and metal. You can choose a designer-assembled shell combination or create your own, whether traditional or contemporary.

But it’s a disservice to reduce the Highlife Collection to the superficial. Beneath the beautiful exterior is an interior built for strength and durability. These spas are 100% rust- and rot-proof, and the full foam insulation – the same used in commercial freezers – offers maximum energy efficiency.

Soft, fresh, healing water

Despite patenting the world’s first directional hydrotherapy jet over three decades ago, there remains nothing like the Moto-Massage® DX on the New Zealand market. This jet, found only in the Highlife® and Hot Spot® Collections, produces a pair of water streams that sweep away tension and soreness as they move up and down your back. Four more jets work in concert above, massaging your shoulders and neck.

Say goodbye to pool chemicals. Hot Spring Spas’ FreshWater™ Salt System makes water maintenance easy, allowing you to spend more time soaking. A smart titanium cartridge generates chlorine automatically from salt, and can be set with nothing more than the press of a button on the control panel. A no-bypass water filtration system that ensures all your water is filtered all the time, while heating and cooling functionality means you can easily and instantly create your ideal spa pool conditions. This system is exclusive to both the Highlife® and Limelight® Collections.

Built for efficiency and longevity

The result of all this technology? In the Highlife® Collection you have spa pools that will last longer, be easier to maintain, cost less to run, and look more beautiful while they do it. These are less spas than they are lifestyle choices: an investment in your home, your family, your health and yourself.

Considering investing in a spa pool? Book in a Highlife® test soak with the friendly team at Poolside Taranaki!