Luxury and affordability don’t often go hand-in-hand, but with a Freeflow spa pool from Hot Spring, that combination is exactly what you get. A collection of the most cost-effective spa pools in the Hot Spring range, Freeflow owners enjoy the indulgence of a high-quality spa, right in their own backyard.

Simple and speedy setup

No need for special wiring, professional plumbing, or any other form of expensive installation: the Freeflow range features plug and play technology that allows you to set it in place, fill it with a garden hose, and plug it into a standard power outlet. Set the temperature to whatever you desire, and you’ll soon be ready to soak!

Ultimate affordability

A Freeflow spa pool not only relieves physical and mental stress, it reduces financial stress too! Utilising an ultra-efficient rotational moulding process, Freeflow spas require fewer materials and less labour to construct, and these savings are passed onto you! What’s more, the full foam insulation and lockable thermal cover keeps the warmth in, making the Freeflow range surprisingly energy efficient.

All in all, a Freeflow spa represents an investment in you, your family and your home.

Robust unibody construction

If you’re looking for an affordable spa pool that will last the distance, look no further than the Freeflow. The unique construction process creates a lightweight yet incredibly strong ‘unibody’ (or one-piece) shell, which eliminates the need for the additional support frame that is found inside most spa pools. You can expect to enjoy your Freeflow spa pool for years to come!

Portable and built for fun

Are you selling your home, living in a rental property, or doing some renovations? Not a problem! The Freeflow collection is so lightweight and compact that you can easily transport it from one house to another. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to bring your Freeflow with you. And when it is full, warm and ready for fun, the built-in ice bucket ensures you can balance out the warmth of the water with an ice cold beverage.

Certified to ISO 9001

Before it leaves the factory, every Freeflow spa is tested to strict ISO 9001 standards, a globally-recognised benchmark for quality management. You can be confident that you’ll take delivery of a Freeflow spa pool that does exactly what it says on the packet, and for a long time to come.