Premium Quality Pool Products

The importance of using premium quality pool products is hotly debated.

You’ll find confusing information all over the Internet telling you there’s no difference between using generic chemicals and buying them through professional retailers, such as BioGuard. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Firstly, by purchasing through a professional, pool chemical retailer, premium quality ingredients are guaranteed.

We’re constantly evaluating and testing our products to make sure they’re up to standard. Particularly in Australia and in some parts of New Zealand, heat and high usage put your pool under a lot of stress.

Our US-based Research and Development department works hard to continually find and develop products that are safe and improve not only the health of their users, but also the health of their pools.

Therefore, selecting products that come from a credible body that is continually examining and verifying our products’ efficiencies, effectiveness and reliability is hugely important.

Secondly, by using premium quality pool chemicals, you are keeping your pool and its users, safe.

It’s without question that poor quality chemicals can be harsh and might damage your surface and equipment. We have seen occasions where some competitor products have left huge stains, resulting in costly repairs. Poor quality chemicals can also turn water cloudy or foamy, and who wants to swim in that?

Thirdly, your local Approved Retailer offers personal and professional support.

We have an investment in you and your pool. Our staff are experts in their field and attend annual training schools. We have the capacity to answer any question and test water samples in store.

Fourthly, as leaders in product innovation, we have a broad range of patented products. This means you simply cannot replicate quality and results.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that you are dealing with chemicals. It’s essential for your health and the health of others, to ensure you only use premium quality products.

If you have any questions regarding pool chemicals, the health of your pool and its swimmers, do not hesitate to visit your local Approved Retailer.